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Chiropractic & Massage Services

Initial Chiropractic

Standard Appointment

Haven't seen us before? Book this appointment if this is your first time to our practice. 
It is a 45min consultation which includes a full medical history, a comprehensive physical, orthopedic and examination. Treatment if suitable is also included. 

Follow up appointment if you have been in previously. 
Standard Appointment is 15 minutes. If you think your appointment may take longer than this due to change in circumstances or health concerns, please leave us a note when booking. 


We offer premium Dry Needling in Sydney.


Dry needling like acupuncture uses acupuncture needles to help release tension in the soft tissues.


 How can dry needling help?

  • Relax tight muscles.

  • Improve blood flow.​

  • Decrease pain & release neurotransmitters.

  • Improve movement.

  • Treat chronic pain.

Remedial - Deep Tissue Massage

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

This massage type is designed to target the deepest layers of muscles. the goal is to improve circulation to muscles, ligaments and tendons and break up any tightness experienced within the deep layers of muscle. Often pain and inflammation is held in these layers.

This massage is best suited to those suffering from neck and shoulder tightness from prolonged computer use, plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel, frozen shoulder, low back pain and spasming associated with disc injuries, and all chronic muscular injury complaints.

 A lymphatic drainage therapist uses light and rhythmic hand movements on the skin, stimulating lymph nodes and the numerous lymphatic channels.

The treatment can aid in chronic acne and painful cellulite, after cosmetic surgery to reduce swelling as well as alleviating pain associated with swelling and joint inflammation, such as arthritis and MS.


Some hormonal and menstrual imbalances can improve with lymphatic drainage and pregnancy related swelling could also benefit. The treatment is very relaxing and is great for high blood pressure and stress heads.

Sports Massage

This type of massage will target tissues overworked by your chosen sport or exercise program. These treatments are often provided throughout the season as an injury prevention measure.

​Those suffering from muscles strains, looking to regain flexibility and suffering cramping will best benefit from this type of massage.


Find local sports massage therapists near you in Kingsgrove and Beverly Hills.

Sydney Family Chiropractic

Instant Health Fund claims available. Concession rates available

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